Momos, a popular street food in many parts of the world, especially in countries like Nepal and India,

are made by stuffing a dough wrapper with a filling, which typically includes chicken, soyabean, paneer, or vegetables¹. However,

While momos are a tasty and convenient snack on the go, they are not considered healthy due to several reasons. 

Momos have a high calorie content and are made with refined flour (maida),which has low nutritional value.

Fried momos are more calorie-dense than their non-fried counterparts due to the addition of calories from the deep-frying process.

They may also contain harmful ingredients like MSG.However, if prepared with due hygiene, chicken momos can be a good source of protein and have a high fiber content.

They can also impro metabolism and boost energy when they are rich in vegetables.But moderation is key when consuming momos.