Two Deaths in India Prompt Testing of Over 700 People for Nipah Virus

On Wednesday, the southern Indian state of Kerala took precautionary measures by temporarily closing certain schools,

offices, and public transport services in an effort to contain the spread of the rare and deadly Nipah virus,

which has claimed the lives of two individuals. According to a state health official,

there are currently two adults and one child hospitalized due to Nipah virus infection.

Furthermore, over 700 individuals are undergoing testing for the virus. Nipah virus is transmitted through contact with infected bats,

pigs, or the bodily fluids of infected individuals. As of Wednesday evening, the state government reported that a total of 706 people were undergoing testing,

as authorities awaited the test results. This marks the fourth outbreak of the Nipah virus in Kerala since 2018, 

prompting authorities to establish containment zones in at least eight villages in the Kozhikode district.

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