Side  Effects  of Eating  Chicken Everyday  2024

Chicken is a great source of protein, which is essential for building and repairing tissues in your body. However, consuming chicken frequently can also lead to some health issues.

Increased risk of heart disease: Chicken products contain cholesterol, carcinogens, and contaminants that increase the risk of heart disease, breast and prostate cancers, urinary tract infections, and foodborne illness.

Antibiotic resistance: Eating chicken that has been treated with antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance, which can make it difficult to treat bacterial infections. 

Skin irritation: Eating chicken that has been heavily spiced with hot peppers or other spices can cause skin irritation or aggravate conditions like eczema or psoriasis. 

Dehydration: Consuming fried chicken or chicken with high levels of sodium can lead to dehydration and cause the skin to appear dry and dull.

Food poisoning: Consuming undercooked or contaminated chicken can cause food poisoning, which can lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.