Restricted Mobility :  Individual who are suffering from neck pain, often feel as if their neck is " stiff " or "stuck". There is a sensation of limited movement around neck region.

Feels discomfort when moving : Activities which involves movement of neck such as turning or bending the head , can often make neck pain even worse.

Related headache :   Neck pain can also trigger headaches which is known as cervicogenic headaches and this kind of headache could also be a symptom of migraine.


Muscle Tension: Muscle tension often emerges from poor posture, improper sleep position, sitting for a desk work for longer period.

Injury : Neck pain can also arise due to injuries which is often caused due to accidents,  leading to fractures in the cervical vertebrae or to the  spinal cord, commonly known as whiplash.

Meningitis : Meningitis is caused due to the inflammation of a thin tissue which covers the brain and the spinal cord.     It includes symptoms like , vomiting , stiff neck, fever ,headache, nausea leading to critical medical emergency.