Is Plum Cake good for health?

Plum cake is a type of fruitcake that traditionally contains dried fruits like raisins, prunes, and sometimes actual plums  sometimes plums, made with or without eggs. 

Refined flour

Maida & wheat flour in 1:1 ratio balance blood pressure & sugar levels, enhancing nutritional benefits while maintaining baking quality. 

Dry fruit

Plum cake with dried fruits like raisins offers crispy texture, flavor, & nutrition. Prunes aid iron absorption, packed with vitamins & minerals. 


Eggs & bananas bind cakes, providing protein & potassium. They enhance dough cohesion & add nutrients to plum cake. 

Powdered Cocoa

Indulge in cocoa and cinnamon-infused plum cake for a delicious treat with benefits like improved blood circulation and fewer calories. 

Brown sugar

Prefer brown sugar for nutrients, castor sugar for health despite dough issues. Prioritize ingredients for nutrition.