Is Dalda Good For Health – Know The Real Facts About Ghee And Dalda

Dalda is a brand of vegetable oil that is popular in South Asia. It is also known as vanaspati ghee or hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Because it includes a lot of trans fatty acids, which are bad for the heart, blood vessels, and metabolism, dalda is not healthy.

The risk of cardiovascular disease can be raised by trans fatty acids,diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and inflammation.

They might also stop the body from absorbing essential fatty acids and vitamins.By adding hydrogen atoms to liquid vegetable oils,

A process known as hydrogenation transforms them into solid fats, which is how dalda is formed.This process results in the production of trans fatty acids,

Which are not found naturally in either plants or animals.Compared to the naturally occurring cis fatty acids, trans fatty acids are distinct in structure and function, 

And they have the potential to impair hormone and cell function.Dalda was introduced in India in the 1930s as a cheap substitute for desi ghee or clarified butter,

Which is prepared from cow’s milk.Desi ghee is regarded as a wholesome and nutritious fat with numerous advantages for the body and mind.