How Many Push-ups Should I Do In a Day?

Incline Push-up  It require your hand to be placed on an elevated surface. You can increase the elevation for easy moves and do push-ups closer to the ground as you gain strength. 

T Push-up Lift your free hand in a plank posture toward the ceiling during this push-up, then rotate your body to match. Pivot about the position instead of stacking your feet.

Plank Push-up Take up an isometric challenge for your body by assuming a plank position on your forearms You will raise yourself to your palms from your arms by using one arm at a time.

 Diamond Push-up  Pull your hands together under you rather than keeping a shoulder-width distance on your hands so that your thumbs and index fingers meet to form a diamond pattern.

 Decline Push-up In this Push-up, you have to put your feet on an elevated surface to increase the difficulty level, and your body angle.

6) Plyo Push-up In plyo push-ups, lower yourself as usual, then explosively push off so your hands lift a few inches from the floor between reps, focusing on explosive strength.