Before drinking lemon water, know its disadvantages, it can cost you your life!

Lemon is considered very beneficial for health. Due to this, people drink lemon water a lot in summers to get relief from the heat.

Due to which the body remains hydrated. But do you know, drinking lemon water can also have many side effects.

If you are drinking too much lemon water in view of the heat, it can cause many harms to your body.

Gas problem: Drinking too much lemon water can cause gas problem, because too much acid is found in lemon.

Potassium deficiency: Drinking excess lemon water also causes potassium deficiency in the body. Apart from this, 

Tonsil problem: People who have tonsil problems should not drink lemon water, because it can aggravate your disease.

Heartburn problem: Drinking too much lemon water can cause heartburn problem, because lemon activates pepsin, 

Problem of dehydration: Drinking lemon water can also cause dehydration in your body. When you consume lemon water,

Bad effect on bones: Citric acid and oxalate are found in lemon. By taking it in excess, it gets deposited in the body in the form of crystals.