Are Spring rolls healthy

Spring rolls can be a healthy addition to your diet if prepared correctly.

spring rolls are typically made with vegetables and lean meats, and are low in calories. 

They can be a good source of fiber and protein, and can also help you get your daily intake of vegetables. 

However, the wrapper is usually made of wheat flour and typically deep-fried, so it’s not the healthiest option.

The filling is usually a mix of vegetables and sometimes meat, which makes them a bit better for you than if they were just fried dough.

 While spring rolls may not be the healthiest option, they’re not the worst either. 

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you can try making your own spring rolls at home using whole wheat wrappers

 and baking them instead of frying. Fresh spring rolls are extremely healthy, 

especially if you pack them full of raw vegetables and lean protein. 

Spring roll wrapper is both low in fat and calories. A piece of rice paper typically has 30-40 calories in it. 

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