Types of Cerebral Palsy, Treatment, Adults and Slideshare

When a numerals number of disabilities affect body movement don’t and posters after a child it leads to cerebral palsy. The disorder later leads to the defacement of brain

development before the Child’s birth only. In most cases, the symptoms are visible from childhood only when the child is studying in kindergarten School. Symptoms like abnormal posters, involuntary movement while performing any task, aberrant of the Limb, and visible and unusual walking from the starting stage only.

The child may face an inability to swallow foods and may go through unevenness in the eye brawn where there is cannot focus on one particular object. Reduction in motion range in their body joints also may be seen.

Unfortunately, there is still not any perfect and complete cure for cerebral palsy and it’s a lifelong disability for an off person. The cause of the disorder is also still unknown and it depends on various factors and effects that vary from person to person. One may go through difficulty intellectual and the other next person may go through some other Symptoms. 

What are the various Signs and symptoms through which you can detect cerebral palsy in your child?

The symptoms of cerebral palsy vary widely from one person to another person. In few children, you may see the symptoms in their whole body itself while in other children only a few of their body parts are affected by the cerebral disorder. A few of the signs and common symptoms seen in one include the following –

Movement and coordination-

  1. rigid body muscles and spasticity can be seen in the person’s movement of the body.
  2. Floppy and stiff muscle tone with abnormal balance in the person are visible.
  3. Involuntary muscles are jerked
  4. Inability to walk on toes and only one side of the store hand are favoured to move.
  • Speech and eating disorders-
  1. delay in speech development and
  2. speaking inability
  3. Inability to eat and swallow food materials
  4. Over drooling
  • Development disorder-
  1. unable to reach Motor skills like sitting and crawling
  2. Inability to learn intellectual information and new things
  3. delayed puberty growth leads to anxiety and depression in a child from an early stage only.
  • Brain disorders- cerebral palsy may lead to problems in the brain like
  1. epilepsy
  2. hearing difficulty
  3. eye vision problem and unusual eye movement
  4. usual pain
  5. Bowel movements issues like constipation
  6. Emotional inconvenience
  7. sudden changes in behavior

When does the need for medical attention arise for cerebral palsy?

The first and foremost thing here that needs to be understood by the parents is that they should notice their children’s behavior which changes with age. Change in behavior is completely normal but if it is too sudden for your child you need to get concerned about their future mental health.

If your child goes through any of the above symptoms especially body movement changes and if your child says aware of their surrounding things all of the time or they have the inability to swallow food and there I movement keeps on changing and stays imbalance then you need to fix an appointment with a good doctor for the concerned of your child before it’s too late. 

How is cerebral palsy caused – Its various causes

The major cause of cerebral palsy is still unknown and scientists are discovering the real cause of it. The situation hammers the child before birth only or during their infant age. The disorder depends on many factors that can lead to brain disorders. Some such factors include the following –

  • Genetic mutation
  • Hereditary
  • Maternal infections
  • Strokes which are fatal
  • Brain bleeding
  • Sudden exposure of the child to harmful toxins and infections in their surrounding
  • Lack of Oxygen and fresh air
  • head injury in the womb or during infancy
  • Cerebral palsy can occur in the child if the mother suffers from excessive thyroid issues or seizures
  • There is an increase if the mother suffers from cytomegalic virus, rubella, Herpes, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, and preeclampsia
  • Jaundice or another such disease that was left untreated
  • viral encephalitis infection in the membrane
  • Very low birth weight twins babies at the same time
  • Premature birth of the child
  • C section delivery

Various complications associated with cerebral palsy-

Cerebral palsy is left untreated and can lead to various complications in the later stages of the child’s life. Here are explained a few of the complications that are associated with the disorder-

  • Malnutrition
  • Heart disease
  • lung disease and other breathing disorders
  • Osteoarthritis or joint pain
  • Osteoporosis (Fractures due to decreased density of the bone)
  • Poor sleep issues
  • skin and acne breakouts
  • digestive complications
  • Anxiety and depression can lead to suicide
  • A contractor that results in spasticity

Is Cerebral palsy preventable? – How can you prevent it-

Cerebral palsy is not really preventable as it does not depend on the child’s activity but it majorly depends on what the mother has gone through in her whole life before getting pregnant. However, the situation can be reduced and the risk can be managed by going through the few precautional step as explained in the following –

  • Get vaccinated for diseases that can lead to cerebral palsy like Zika virus, herpes, and cytomegalic virus.
  • If a lady is planning for a baby she must go for her whole body check-ups for thyroid issues and another such diagnosis to know if her body is ready for giving birth to a healthy baby or not.
  • Avoid substance abuse like alcohol smoking and drugs
  • Take care of your diet and health. Do regular exercise yoga and meditation for a healthy mind

Have a regular visit to your doctor even if you do not experience any unusual symptoms to reduce the risk of any disorder in your body.

How do doctors diagnose cerebral palsy?

Diagnosis for cerebral palsy is done within a few months or till a year of childbirth. Doctors go for the following methods and techniques for diagnosing cerebral palsy in a child-.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging tests
  • Cranial ultrasound
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Blood sample
  • urine analysis
  • Skin and metabolism test
  • Oral examination to check the Child’s vision, hearing, speech, intellectual ability, movement, and other issues.

What are the treatments available for cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition and one affected it’s not going to get away from the body completely. However, the situation can manage to a great extent and certain medications and therapies can help in all ways. The treatments include the following-

  • Medications

Medications are available to reduce the stiffness in muscles and regulate the functions of the brain. Pain Killers and injections are also provided where required.

Botox is an injection provided to nerves for muscle relaxation. Other drugs include baclofen, Disney drawing William, and Dantrium available.

  • Therapies

Therapy like physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and recreational therapy are available to develop the intellectual ability of the child.

  • Surgery

In case, medication drugs, and therapies do not work doctors may go for surgery. Orthopedic surgery and selective dorsal Rhizotomy are the two surgery they may operate.

Frequently asked questions about palsy-

Q1. How common is Cerebral palsy?

Answer – cerebral palsy is quite a common disorder. According to the service, every 2 out of 6 children are affected by this.

Q2. Does cerebral palsy also version with age?

Answer – no, fortunately, cerebral palsy decreases with age. However, it does not get out of your body but it is not version with age and the symptoms keep on decreasing with time. ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Q3. Is Cerebral palsy fatal?

Answer – cerebral palsy is not really fatal but it also need not be left and treated as it may lead to life-threatening disorders, especially in children.

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