Oral lichen planus- The chronic condition


Oral lichen planus can be defined as an extant, skin disease and a chronic state of a person’s mouth that damages the mucous membranes of the jaws.
The condition causes swelling of the mouth and throat but the good thing is that it cannot be transmitted from one person to another by sneezing or coughing.

The Lichens which affect the jaw are derived from flora that heightens on rocks with a damp structure.
Oral Lichen planus can cause extreme pain and a burning sensation in your jaw.
However, it is mostly not appeared on that tongue. The exact cause of the infection is still unknown and the symptoms may include red or white patches of tissues, open sores in the gums or tongue, and irritation and swelling of the mouth area.

Oral Lichen planus cannot be completely cured and the symptoms can only be reduced and managed by Lifestyle choices and proper medication.

Major Signs and symptoms of oral Lichen planus –

Oral lichen planus is the result of some other complication in the body which triggers OLP.
Before learning the symptoms of oral lichen planus, it is needed to know the area where it may develop –

  • Eyes
  • Scalp
  • Pubic region
  • Skin
  • Ears
  • Oesophagus
  • Nails

Patients suffering from oral Legend planes are mostly seen with the following symptoms –

  • Extreme pain in the mouth region or the place where the infection has occurred
  • White and red patches of tissue
  • Enlarged sores
  • Malaise and stiffness
  • The infection mainly in girls inside the cheek, tongue inner area of the lips, and palate
  • Gingivitis development
  • Bleeding from gums
  • Inability to swallow or eat something.

When to seek medical attention for oral lichen


If the above signs or symptoms are visible in you and does not improve within a week or two, you must visit a doctor at least once for clear vision and further proper step.

What are the causes of oral lichen planus?

The exact cause of oral lichen planus is still unknown.

Moreover, it is believed that the T – lymphocytes present in the blood cells trigger oral Lichen planus.

But, this much evidence is not at all sufficient for the road cause of the disease and more significant information needs to be studied.

However, oral lichen planus is the cause of major risk factors involved in it. These may include the following of them-

Risk factors

  1. Oral Lichen planus can affect any gender but are more prone to develop in women.
  2. People with weak immune systems can also develop the disease.
  3. Consuming certain medications whose side effect results in oral lichen planus.
  4. Already Suffering from some skin allergy or infection.

What are the causes of oral lichen planus?

Oral lichen planus can lead to really severe and life-threatening disorders like –

  • Mouth / oral cancer
  • Unwanted and extreme weight loss
  • Insufficiency of nutrition
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Various fungal infections
  • Extreme and unbearable pain

Is oral lichen planus preventable?

Oral Lichen Planus cannot be prevented in any way as it is an autoimmune disease and directly attacks the healthy cells of the body.

But, the probability of developing the disorder can be reduced to some extent by the right Lifestyle choices.

Some of the basic things you can adopt in your life include of following of them-

  • Avoid cuts and injuries in skin regions.
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholism as much as you can
  • Always keep your mouth fresh by brushing regularly and maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Manage stress and learn to make up a balance between work life and personal life
  • Visit your dental doctor regularly
  • Eat fruits that keep your oral health fit and healthy like apples and pears.

Myths associated with oral lichen planus –

Myth – Oral lichen is contagious.

Fact – this is a big myth. Since oral lichen planus occurs in the mouth many people believe that it can transmit through kisses or eating together. But it is not a communicable disease and cannot pass from one person to another through any means.

Myth – oral lichen planus can go away on its own.

Fact – no, this is a false statement. Oral lichen planus can never go away on itself. In fact, it is a lifelong chronic disease and even after a lot of treatment, it is always going to stay in your body.

Myth – oral lichen planus is always hereditary.

Fact – this is a partial myth. Oral Lichen planus can be hereditary but this is not the only reason for the disease. There are many other risk factors for the development of the disorder.

How do doctors diagnose oral lichen planus

The worsening symptoms of oral Lichen planus can be reduced and managed by providing the following treatments-

1. Corticosteroids– corticosteroids are prescribed by dermatologists to reduce the increasing swelling due to the infection. It can be taken in the form of mouthwash or gel, pills or in the form of injection as comfortable.

2. Calcineurin inhibitors are suggested as a precaution against getting affected in the body’s organs.

3. Medications – systematic drugs dosage are prescribed like tacrolimus and Elidel to control the symptoms of oral lichen planus.

Frequently asked questions about oral lichen planus –

Q1. Which kind of food need to be avoided during the infection?

Answer – all kinds of spicy Chili foods, citrus foods, tomatoes, and other acidic fruits need to be completely avoided to not worsen the symptoms.

Q2. Is oral lichen planus fatal ?

Answer – yes, oral lichen planus is a life-threatening disorder and if left untreated can be really fatal.

Q3. What is the latest treatment for oral lichen planus?

Answer – a new treatment named hydroxychloroquine has been discovered by the scientist and is considered one of the best treatments for it.

Q4. Is oral lichen planus a serious issue?

Answer – the symptoms of the disease must not be ignored and a visit to doctor at least one is really necessary as it may become worse with time and may cause other major and serious health issue.

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