Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

Cancer is a disease with abnormal and undefined cells that separates into different body parts destroying the body tissue of the person and leading to even death. Here, the normal control mechanism of the body stops working or slows down growing out of control.

Cancer can grow in a part of the body and can multiply to form trillions of new damaging cells. The cells grown may form tumors resulting in cancerous or non-cancerous cells.

The cancerous cells are more than 100 types like breast cancer, lung cancer, etc. And can spread throughout the human body. Although Cancer is fatal, still surviving chances have improved with the improved treatment methods and advanced technology.

Cancer is the second most fatal disease ever in history. Someone suffering from it needs a lot of treatment, support, resource, and money to survive and fight this disease. Cancer must not be taken in an easy way but also one should not be too much scared of it and instead work on themselves to improve their health condition.

Types of cancer

Although, there are many and many types of cancer in history, here are some of them which are the most common cancer –

➤ Breast cancer

➤ Lung cancer

➤ Skin cancer

➤ Kidney cancer

➤ Prostate cancer

➤ Colorectal cancer

➤ Bladder cancer

➤ Thyroid cancer

➤ Endometrial cancer

➤ Pancreatic cancer

➤ Leukaemia cancer

➤ Lymphoma cancer

What are the actual causes of cancer ?

Ever thought, about why exactly cancer happens to a person? Well, one of the major causes is DNA change within the cells of the body. Since the DNA in the ce body is packed in a large number of genes, sudden objections, and errors can cause the cell to not work and function properly leading to cancer

But one needs to understand the fact that there is no single reason for the cancer cause.

Depending upon many factors, they can lead to cancer. Some of the other factors leading to cancer disease are –

➤ Too much smoking and alcoholism

➤ Eating high-fatty foods

➤ Exposure to harmful chemical and environmental toxins like pesticides, fertilizers, power line

➤ Family history

➤ Genetics or hereditary

➤ Genetic disorder

➤ Getting affected by certain kinds of viruses

➤ Radiation therapy

➤ Chemotherapy

➤ Age ( the risk for cancer increases with the increase in age)

➤ Suffering from other medical issues like an ulcer


Symptoms vary widely from person to person. A few of the following can be seen in a person suffering from cancer –

➤ Sudden unexplained illness and often fever

➤ Bumps in breasts or other body parts

➤ Persistent pain in any part of the body (especially joint pain)

➤ Not able to swallow food easily

➤ Constipation or other digestive issues

➤ Cough

➤ Sudden weight loss

➤ Night sweats

➤ Nausea or vomiting

➤ Blood in urine or while stool passing

➤ Change in bowel movements

➤ Hardness

➤ Fatigue

➤ Appetite loss

➤ Sudden Mark or mole on the skin growing with time

➤ Bruising

➤Yellowish or pale skin color

How can one prevent cancer

cancer is unpreventable as it is a natural process. But keeping in mind a few things can help you to avoid diseases –

➤ Quit smoking and alcoholism

➤ Reduce high exposure to UV-rays

➤ Keep a healthy weight ( neither less nor more)

➤ Regular exercise and yoga

➤ Eat healthy and nutritious foods as well as fruits

➤ Stay connected to your doctor for regular check-ups

➤ Test cancer screening exams for yourself regularly

➤ Reduce unnecessary radiation therapy or chemotherapy

➤ Avoid processed meat or red meat

What are the various methods to detect and diagnose cancer ?

Doctors can use the following techniques to detect if you have cancer or not –

➤ CT scans or MRI scans

➤ Nuclear scan

➤ Bone scan

➤ PET scan

➤ Ultrasound or X-rays

➤ Blood or urine test

➤ Biopsy diagnosis

➤ Other radiographic tests

➤ Mammograms

➤ Physical touch tests to check bumps and other things in the body part


cancer treatment options differ in a wide range depending upon the type of cancer you suffer from.
For example, someone suffering from breast cancer cannot have the same treatment as someone suffering from lung cancer.

Although, the following are a few treatment options that doctors basically suggest for cancer treatment of all types –

➤ Surgery

➤ Radiofrequency ablation

➤ Medications and targeted drug therapy

➤ Bone marrow transplant

➤ Immunotherapy or hormone therapy

➤ Cry ablation

➤ Chemotherapy

➤ Hyperthermia

➤ Photodynamic therapy

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is there any vaccine available for cancer?

Answer – there is currently no vaccine available for cancer but scientists are working on it.

Q2. When should I see a doctor?

Answer – you should see your doctor immediately if you see any symptoms of cancer in yourself ( Especially if blood is in your urine or bumps in your breasts)

Q3. Is there an epidemic of cancer?

Answer – cancer is not really an epidemic to be called. But yes, they are epidemic in a few types of cancer.

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