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If you have also tried everything but your extra fat won’t reduce even an inch, then you have landed at the right article. By using the powerful, effective, and ancient weight loss techniques, you would be easily able to get the perfect solution for your desired results by the end of this article. Due to a lack of active work, we have gained a lot of extra weight and fat in our bodies. Let us know about it all in detail below.

What does Ayurveda say?

Ayurveda says that it is high Kapha dosha that causes excess accumulation of fats in the human body. But the right combination of foods together would help a person. If you are really serious about your health, then here is a diet chart that you can follow to reduce your fat and achieve your ideal health easily within 2-3 months.

Every morning, drink water that is kept overnight in a copper jug. Or if it is not available you can also have a glass of warm water and have them before brushing your teeth as it is very important for the morning saliva to go inside your stomach for beneficial digestive purposes and facial glow.

After you have freshened up, you must do yoga for weight loss.
Some of them are suryanamaskar, cardio on an empty stomach, markatasna, pavan must asana, boat pose, deep breathing exercises like anulom – vilom, and agnisaar is also a must for at least 20 minutes. It increases your basal metabolic helping in the fat cut.

Half an hour after the yoga, have a healthy juice drink like amla juice or ashwagandha leaf drink ( not ashwagandha root juice as it helps in weight gain instead ). Have them on alternate days as gaps are also a must.

After a bit of a break, have your breakfast. It must contain low complex carbohydrates but high protein-rich foods. Your breakfast should contain healthy ingredients but not too heavy like sprouts, moong daal dosa, daliya, oats, sattu drink, eggs, and chickpeas.

Consume two to three glasses of warm water 1 hour after breakfast for metabolism increase.
You can have curry like carrot or capsicum, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, palak, and chapati as lunch. Don’t have both rice and chapati or poha. Have either one for fat loss.

Avoid fruits like jackfruits, lentils, or potatoes during lunch. Skip milk products during lunch.
Again an hour after lunch, have warm water 2-3 glasses.

You can have nuts, almonds, walnuts, dry fruits, apples, guava, makhana, and Ayurveda herbal tea at home.

Prefer soups or moong dal for dinner and have your dinner at the earliest time.
You can have a walk before sleeping.
Have a proper sleep as it actually helps you in weight loss.

this diet does not contain high-calorie food and is a short-term achievement for weight loss. So you must have proper grains a few times after you reduce a bit of fat.

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